Monday, June 13, 2005

A Brand New Week

And here I thought that the work would slow down after the tea launch. NOT! Now I have even more work to keep the momentum going here in Portland about the magazine. Promo work. Distribution work. Writing work. Advertising work.

And that is just the magazine. Doesn't include my freelancing work and fiction work. Arg!

I didn't write at all yesterday. I did a lot of cleaning and organizing. Synched my calendar with the family calendar. Signed up son for camp and mission's trip. I picked up a friend of my daughter's and dropped them both off at the mall. Went grocery shopping. Cleaned up piles around desk. Went to bed early. I felt I needed a break from the writing... especially as I knew what was going to start up today.

I lurve Jane Porter. I don't think I mentioned that in my exhausted post on Saturday. She said she wants to sit down and talk about my fiction... isn't that sweet? Fabulous speaker and generous person. Buy her books. The Frog Prince. Wonderful:)

I am LOVING my crit group. I am learning so much. I know it is making my writing stronger and tighter! I need to do another crit for them today or tomorrow. Give and take is what the group is about and boy, can they give it;-)But it is good. Tactful honesty is good. It strengthens your writing skills.

Does anyone else belong to a crit group? How do you like it?

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Anonymous said...

Glad you are loving your critique group, Teri. That's very cool of Jane to say that. :)