Friday, June 03, 2005

The Week in Review

What a week of ups and downs this has been writing wise. Rejections, assignments, requests for partials, a possible promotion or raise at one of my many writing gigs. Every Monday I make out a to do list for my writing week and every Friday I check it over and see if it is up to date and how well I did. As every writer knows, you must be prepared for the unexpected. The article that needs a quick reworking. The request for more information than you had. The source that couldn't be reached or the scene that wouldn't come out right. But at the end of the week I have to look back and see how I did overall.

I did pretty good this week in spite of everything.

I wrote two articles and rewrote another. I finished a chapter on Rink Rats (My big YA idea) I made up a rough of a synopsis for Pour Some. (Believe it or not, I have only had two agents request it!) I am pulling the loose ends together for the NW woman magazine event. I sent out one request for a partial and one packet of clips and resume for a publisher of nonfiction children books who requested it. I am in the process of printing out some more media materials for the NW woman event and will more than likely begin the hunt for next week's sources. Not too bad for one week. Especially since I am only supposed to be doing this part time.

Yeah, right.


Gena Showalter said...

Sounds like you had a very productive week! Today I'm babysitting, so I'll get nothing done. And to top it off I've had no coffee today. I slipped yesterday and had a latte :)

Anonymous said...

Yes that sounds like a full week :)

Kristen Painter said...

I'd say you're doing great! Very productive. Unlike some of us who haven't been out of their pajamas all week.


Jill Monroe said...

TJ - I'm so inspired by your to do list and then checking it again on Friday. With all you have going on, you sound like a woman who could give us some real pointed on time management (of which I have none).

Sorry about the rejections but way to go on the requests!

Anonymous said...

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