Saturday, June 11, 2005

Tea for Many

It was the Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade here in the Portland area. Don't ask what Rose Festival is... It is a huge deal here in Portland and has to do with an imaginary kingdom and electing princesses... oops, we call them ambassadors now. The parade completely messed my publisher and I up as far as meeting at 1:00. But we did meet.

No, no big raise. Well sorta one. NW woman is going into radio and Charity will call me twice a week for a five minute "Portland Report." I will get paid each time. This will also help out with ads as well. And she does eventually want an office here in Portland. With MOI in charge:) She is looking at opening one in the next year.

Then the event. I think it was a smashing success. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and much smoozing was going on. My feet are killing me from my new heels. Charity and I had martinis before the event... The food was drop dead nummy. Mmmmm

Okay. Must go collapse.


Shannon McKelden said...

See! It's moving in the right direction! Yeah, you may have to wait a bit, but think of all the great ideas you'll have in the meantime, and how much better prepared for the job you'll be. It's like waiting to get your first book published. Seems to take forever sometimes, but you're so much better prepared for the wait. It's delicious!!

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Shannon said :)

Anonymous said...

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