Saturday, June 25, 2005

A Few Free Minutes....

So what do you do with a few free minutes?

Okay, they're not really free because there is always something I could be doing... busy momwriter person that I am... but nothing is URGENT.

My son is at an archery shoot this morning with a friend. My daughter is blissfully sleeping in as she doesn't have to go to the rink today. My husband worked until 2am and won't be up for hours. I have a couple of articles due next week, but there is no reason to hurry. My NW Woman magazine work is going very well. I have another conference call with my boss later, but I have my reports ready and don't need to worry. I guess I should work on some crits for my critique group and then head out to work in the yard, but I am in no hurry. I have my carmel latte and raspberry scone at hand, though I can't really taste the scone because of the cold. Which is much better, by the way.

So I have time to ruminate over this and that. Friendship, work, family... that sort of thing. I have a friend that I have been close to for a number of years... she was the friend I had when our children were little together. I don't think you make a closer friend at any other juncture of your life. Especially if you are a stay at home mom. They are your life line to reality when barney and big bird have taken over your life. When the most important thing in your world is the potty chair. When we met, my friend was incredibly liberal. At some point in our friendship, we began to change... she became more and more conservative and I became more and more liberal. It's funny, really. There have been several points during our friendship that we haven't spoken for a couple of years... We are far more grown up now and laugh at our differences. We pull no punches with each other. I value that. During the time when we were apart we both grew professionally... I began writing seriously and she started her own business. My brain tumor brought us back together that time and we have been friends ever since... funny how the unimportant stuff doesn't matter.

Our boys have been best friends for years able to keep up with their mother's neurotic behavior without missing a beat. My son is exactly six months older than her son. This summer they are both fifteen. Ethan has a job and her son is going to be a Councilor in Training at a Christian Camp for the next six weeks. Ethan leaves on his missions trip tomorrow and her son leaves tomorrow as well. They are at the archery shoot together right now, hanging out before their seperate summer starts... I remember when I was fifteen.

Anyway, no point to any of this... I am just writing to write. Which is a good feeling. I have written just to write for a long time:)

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Anonymous said...

Teri, when I manage a few free minutes I like to relax if at all possible :)