Monday, September 12, 2005

Another Monday...

To do list day.

  • Write chapter eight (I finished chapter seven, (yay me!)
  • Edit Breastfeeding and PPD and send
  • Write Bend article and send
  • Read encouraging notes from agents over and over
  • Find sources for Breastfeeding Generations
  • Find sources for Scared Stiff
  • Finish Scared Stiff and send
  • Make reservations for Tiara Club
  • Send out invites for Tiara Club
  • Secure date for Holiday Fest and send to main office
  • Pick Dec/Jan book club book
  • Send out note to all those whose books were not picked
  • Send out book club article
  • Do Ookum Bookum dance over requested partial and send
  • Send 1 query
  • Write and ask for October assignments.
  • Catch up on crits for CP partners

Just your average, ordinary week. Oh, and add edit chapter seven as the crits from my CPs come in. I distanced too much again. I have a tendency to do that. My CPs call me on it.

I am really happy to be starting a new chapter. Hopefully this won't be as difficult to work out. I am hoping for some good flow. I deserve it don't I? Heck, I might finish the silly thing before any of the agents get back to me. I have one agent that wants to see it when finished so if they don't get back to me I will just send to her! HA!

Have I ever mentioned that I hate to wait? Even as busy as I am it just kills me. Say yes, or say no..just don't NOT say anything!

Clarification... Today is to do list day. Which means I make out the to do list for the next week! No, I do not do this in a day! LOL


Shannon McKelden said...

Is that for a freakin' DAY?!! If so, no wonder you procrastinate, get tired, have a headache, etc. Girl! Give yourself a break!

Okay, done lecturing now. :-)

Cherlyn Michaels said...

Shannon asked the same question that I was about to. Is that one day???

And I'm with you on the no feedback at all. I hate that with anything. If you don't like it, don't want to do it, or whatever, I'd rather hear a "no" so I can move on instead of just waiting, waiting, thinking someone is still considering. I hate waiting too.

Rachel Vincent said...

How weird. I was going to ask the same thing. But that's a lot to accomplish, even in a week. I just have one (writing) goal for this week: finish my rewrite.

What kind of book club are you in? And more importantly, how do you find the time to do all of that?