Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The bus, the bus

I don't know where it is but I know it's been here cause it damn near flattened me.

I am getting 7 1/2 hours of sleep a night but it might as well be 5 for all I'm feeling it. I was going to go workout tomorrow, but the dh wouldn't wait for me so I didn't. Yeah, I know... always someone else's fault. Yada, yada, yada.
But in the words of a famous Southern Belle, "Today is another day." Or was it tomorrow is another day? I like that one. Put everything off until tomorrow.

I finished 600 words last night. Was going for a thousand, but family stuff took priority. My son was in the mood to talk and at 15, you take them up on it. So 600 lousy words. But could be worse, I might have not finished any. I did cross a bunch of other stuff off my list yesterday and was, in fact, quite productive. But not on the novel. Oh to be able to do nothing but work on it, day after day...to have that be my regular job...

And here I thought I was awake.

Am still layering, but am wondering if it is consistant enough. Will no doubt have to read the whole thing over and over to find out. And hopefully editors will see any holes I have left. Of course, someone has to give me that shot.

I wrote out the timeline that agents/editor received my book. I have a long ways to go before I hear anything. I really wanted the book to be nearly completed in that time, but that may not happen. Depends on how quickly I can get everything else done. Snort. I know, I should make time just for the book. Consistant time. Read a good article yesterday about being consistant and having a writing schedule and I am afraid that really isn't going to happen in my life right now. But maybe I can fill the first three days of the week up with my nonfiction work, get it out of the way, if possible, to free myself up for my fiction. Of course...that means doing without it for three days and I am not sure I wanna do that!

speaking of which...I'm outie.


Kevin said...
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Cherlyn Michaels said...

600 words is good. you've got so many distractions and a lot going on. i admire you for getting anything written!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

I have to work on the wip every day. I might not be writing, maybe I'm plotting in my head or editing, or researching, but if I take time off I find it's very hard to keep going. Head plotting is easy though...you can do it anywhere (like at a football game...in a hail storm...LOL) and no one knows you're doing it. DH often looks at me funny when I get that glazed look in my eye, but I think he's realized it's just my brain working in overtime.

And I hear ya on the waiting. It sucks.

Anonymous said...

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