Friday, September 23, 2005

A week in review

Not too bad... out of the 16 things I had on my list I finished 12 of them. I put off on article onto next week and took one from next week to finish this week. I haven't finished chapter nine yet, but plan on doing that once I am done blogging.

I feel pretty good about what I'm accomplishing. I'm averaging a chapter a week and that doesn't include edits. I would really like to move a little faster, but you've seen my to do list. I need to cut myself some slack.

I have already gone to the rink this morning and have to take her back and rop her off this evening. She wants to skate club and then public with her friends. Ethan on the other hand is helping with the Junior high youth group air soft war this evening so he has to be at the church just before the girl has to be at the rink. Then I have to pick everyone up. One nice thing though... I am not sick yet and I do get some quiet time to work on novel:)

This weekend I have to work on the house and write up a couple of articles. Sunday is church then a meeting with the youth pastor to see what is happening with the kids this year.

Sounds like more driving to me.