Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I know it's coming...

My daughter is sick and considering how much time we spend in the car together I know it's gonna get me too. Just what I need with a list like this weeks!

I am actually doing pretty good on that list. Got a bunch of stuff crossed off. Though I have to wonder how I am going to get through the next few days. I have to do about three articles and send My YA proposal to that agent who requested it. My son starts volunteering at the zoo today. Two days a week. How does that cut into my writing time, eh? But I run his sister all over creation, why not him? Still, with the price of gas... I am really pushing him hard to start using public transportation. He is almost 16 and the fact that he is over 6 feet and almost 200 pounds makes me feel pretty secure. Get thee to a bus, child!

Yesterday was pretty good on the novel... I wrote over a thousand words and took it up above the 30,000 mark. I got some fab input from a great editor. She confirmed some of the stuff that I had suspected and also reassured me that it is a very strong peice of work and will find a home. She used to be a professional editor for Harlequin so I feel much better for her input. I would love to get chapter 9 done today or tomorrow and start in on edits, but I have those 3 articles that are also crying for attention. Perhaps someday I will do only fiction and make sort of a living. I don't have to make a working living, just a helping living, if you know what I mean:)

Got up to early. Sick girl woke me up at 4:30 am. I couldn't go back to sleep. She managed to though.


LittleMissCantBeWrongEver said...

Get Boy to get his license!

Elisabeth Naughton said...

UGH. Here's hoping you don't get sick.

Way to go on the writing! I'm impressed. My head was spinning after reading your to-do list.

Keep up the good work!

Rachel Vincent said...

Sounds like great feedback on your list. Hope that gives you confidence, and a great big surge of excitement.

Shannon McKelden said...

My Darling Daughter is home sick today, too. Probably because her friend who spent the night last week, who thought her throat hurt from screaming a football game, woke up the next morning sick. Ugh. So, I decided to try taking Airborne...the medicine lots of travelers and teachers take to stay well when in confined spaces with lots of germs. I figured if it'll prevent me getting sick in stagnant, germy plane air, it'll work the same in stagnant, germy home air, too. I canNOT get sick right now!

Jaci Burton said...

Your list from Monday made me want to take a nap. How do you do it all? I thought my list was obscene.

I know..crossing through one item at a time.


Definitely get the kid on the bus though. Anything to lessen that list, woman!

Anonymous said...

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