Monday, September 19, 2005

To Do List Monday

Remember I only make out my to do list on Monday. I have all week to do it!That said this week is going to be a killer. Once again, I have been focusing too much attention on my fiction. Bad me.

Chop book club article and send
Finish Scared stiff and send
Send partial to agent who requested it over the weekend. (YEAH!)
Send out questions for high risk dads
Send out questions for Food Allergies
Send out questions for breastfeeding generations
Write breastfeeding generations and send
Find sources for breast changes
Write and send in breast changes
Get sources for kids and the flu
Find sources for getting in the mood
Write chapter nine
Make out RSVP list for the tiara club
Do tiara club
Let author know her book was selected for the club
Let other authors their book wasn't

Home to do

Take daughter to the rink eight times
Take son to the rink twice
Show son how to ride public transit to zoo by doing it with him (First time:)
Take son to zoo one time. (He volunteers twice a week and I told him I would take him once and he would have to ride public transit once.)
Help with school work probably a dozen times. (Both my teens are homeschooled and though they are online students I still have to help)
Help husband get started on closet project that he said he would do 4 months ago and we took all of our stuff out and tore it down.
Check and see who has dentist appointments cause I forgot to put them on calendar
Take son to Youth Council meeting at highschool
Get blood test taken
Pay coach
Mop new floors because they are getting disgusting

Now I am totally overwhelmed and just want to go to bed. It's a wonder I get any fiction writing done at all, eh?