Saturday, September 17, 2005

People are so nice...

Thanks everyone for your recent kindness to my angst. You should have all just slapped me upside the head and told me to get on with it! I am a professional. I get rejections quite often and some are far more hurtful. But being a writer I have a big imagination and I had envisioned agents courting me and fighting for my book. (Well, if you're gonna dream might as well dream big)

Speaking of dreaming, I want to talk a minute about agent blogs. You know, those agents who are so fun, on the ball and approachable that they have their own blogs and mingle with the worthy and the unworthy alike. I lurve these agents and most of us would just about die to obtain their Goddess like agent services. I haunt their sites like some sort of stalker. I love knowing what they're doing. (But then I think, what they aren't doing is reading my proposal that is sitting on their desk.) It's almost like I expect them to write in their blog

I just finished reading the next YA sensation by a writer called Teri Brown and I am so in awe of her that I don't dare talk to her myself . So Teri, if you are reading this please, please allow me to represent you!

Okay, I am approaching the abyss of insanity here, but you know what I mean!

Speaking of the utterly boring name of Teri Brown, I am thinking of using a pen name for my YA. I want to keep some form of my name for my adult romances because Teri or TJ Brown will put me next to Sandra Brown on the shelf:)

My maiden name is Foreman... which might be interesting. My middle name is Jean. Or should I go completely different? Any ideas? Alesia Holliday already has Jax Abbot which I think is totally cool. Think about it. Let me know:)


Rachel Vincent said...

That's an interesting question. Is there any particular direction you'd like to go with the name? Short and easy-to-remember? Well, Teri Brown kind of does that already. Longer and distinctive? A certain beginning letter?

If I find a publisher, I'll use a different last name, but I'll keep my first name.

Cherlyn Michaels said...

Heym, guess what. Cherlyn Michaels is my pen name. I'm saving my real name for a different genre. Might be a few years before I write in another genre though. :-) But yeah, I think it would be good to explore.