Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Loving the business....

What a great day!

Okay. Since I had to get up at 5:30 am I'm not sure how it can be a great day already, but hey... it just is. I already put out feelers for experts on three articles I need to finish up. I read and answered email. I was sent a website that states the average advance and earn out on books with many publishers. Loved going over that. The woman puts it together from info she gets from authors and she lists how many books the average is taken from. Then a list I'm on is talking about how long to negotiate the contract to actual pay out. Yeah. Keep your day job:)

But I love talking about the business... knowledge is power, baby.

Plus one of my online friends just spilled the news that she just sold a series of books to Berkly. (Who I am hoping to hear from soon!)

I am trying not to think about the six agents and editors (Okay, editor, but plural sounds better, eh?) who have my proposal on their desk.

Other than the waiting this is a fun business, right? Oh, and the rejections. Don't like them much either.

I did get another 600 words yesterday. That makes 1200 for the week, but I plan on getting some done this morning as well.


Rachel Vincent said...

I'm excited for you about all the submissions. For some reason, I get more nervous over other people's submissions-in-progress than I do over my own. Probably because I tend to think that everyone else has a better shot at it than I do.

Good luck!

Jaci Burton said...

Hey you're making progress on the writing this week! Me too. And the waiting isn't fun, it's total torture! *g*

Still keeping my fingers crossed for good news for you!