Monday, May 22, 2006

Gearing up for another one

Last week of the month. I know, technically, we have another part week, but come on, it's Memorial Day weekend. Who's actually going to be around?

Which sucks for me cause I have to do a lot of interviews this week.

My printer isn't working. Need to get that fixed cause I can't actually print out a to do list and writing one in longhand doesn't seem to have the same affect. Nothing is as frustrating as a printer that won't work no matter what you do. Must fix that.

Have four articles to do. Must do them ASAP.

Must find famous person. Please, God let me find famous person.

Must crit cps work.

Must send in LIPS with a note to agent about changes.

Must get prom pics in so I can put them up.

Must take a nap today.

Must get back to work.


fragranceoilfl said...
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Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work here