Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Sad Day

I got some horrible news tonight. One of my lovely neicy girls got herself pregnant. Well, she didn't do it herself... you know. So she was planning on a baby at 15. No one in the family was really joyous about it, because we knew what it would do to her life, but we all knew we would adore that baby.Today, she lost the baby in the most horrible way possible.

She was six months along and complained of a backache last night. This morning her mother rushed her to the hospital and at seven am, during the beginnings of premature labor, she was told that her baby was dead. She had to give birth to a baby she knew was dead. After several hours of labor, she gave birth to a tiny, perfect baby boy. She held him until they took him away from her while she screamed and sobbed. She hates everyone and everything right now and my sis in law is broken hearted. She said there is nothing more horrible than seeing your baby in that much pain and not being able to help. We didn't find out about it until late this evening as no one wanted to leave her. She was depressed before, and are afraid of what neicy girl will do.

So, so sad.


Shannon McKelden said...

Oh, that's just horrible! My mom went through the same thing after me, and I have to say the thought of giving birth to a stillborn baby horrifies me more than having dozens of early miscarriages ever would, I think. So, so sad.


Christine Keach said...

Wow! That's such a horrible experience! I'll keep the family in my thoughts.

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