Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Writing, printers and READ MY LIPS

Finally, finally got a new printer. For the last six months, my printer has been making the most God awful noise while printing. Like something between a cat screaming and nails running down a chalkboard. It finally gave up the ghost and kept giving me an error message. It's sitting on my counter right now, preparing to go to wherever printers go to die. In its place on my desk is a brand new printer waiting for the hard use that only a writer can give it. Lurve XP, by the way, because it now takes me 20 minutes to get a new printer online. Unlike the old days when it took several hours, a call to HP support and a small miracle to get it synched up with my computer. YAY!

Actually got to take a break from nonfiction this evening and was able to work on LIPS. Okay, I only wrote a page and a half, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. I am at the point now where I am mostly rewriting because the basic plot has changed so much. I am loving how it's turning out except for a few spots that I will fix later. I am pretty darn sure this is going to be the first one to sell. I sent the revised chapters to my agent this week. Hope she likes it, because I sure do.

I have three nonfiction articles left to write this month. GAH. Next month looks much better. I am hoping for a bit of a break. I want to finish up LIPS and figure out what to do next. Honestly, I would love to write a cat novel. I write tight and short and am seriously considering some of the shorter lines. I also have a NEXT book in me, as well. We shall see. Must talk to my agent about that. See what she thinks.

I don't have to go to the rink until late tomorrow. The ice princess doesn't work until five and doesn't practice on Weds. I think I will sleep in a bit. But, I am still looking for a famous person. I dunno. I just feel like this is a test that I am failing miserably. Okay, should probably hit the hay.


Carrie said...

So neat to hear you say that you think that LIPS is the "one" to sell. I was just discussing this with another writer and was wondering if other people felt this way (especially those for whom it actually was "the one" to sell). I'm unpublished and the WIP I'm working on feels like "the one" much more so than the others I've written. It's a great feeling!

Bonnie Ferguson said...

Woo Hoo on the new printer, Teri :)

Linda said...

My printer has been acting up longer than yours and I have failed to figure out why or replace it. I know I should, but I so do not want to have to come to the conclusion I need a new printer. I hate printer shopping.

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