Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Warning: Bitching, moaning and whining

Why me, Lord? Why now?


  • Why did both of my children's laptops take a dump on me this week? They do cyber school and no laptops means no school! Why????
  • Why did my washing machine blow up on me? I need clean clothes to meet my agent in. I can't introduce myself in dog hair covered, coffee stained clothes with M&Ms stuck to front like happy polka dots.
  • Why did my daughter's coach choose right now to bitch about this and that? WHYYYYY?
  • Why did Meier and Frank have to lose the jacket I placed on hold for presale? The one that would look so cute with my camis and made me look like I lost weight? Why?
  • Why does my agent want me to revise LIPS again? Why??? (Okay, I know why and agree, I am just on a roll here.)
  • Why do I have to run four different places tonight? At the same time?

Okay done whining. Have an article to write.


Rachel Vincent said...

You two? Dana, Mindy, and I have all had to have new washers, two of us this week alone.

I hope all of this gets fixed quickly and inexpensively. And I'm wishing you better luck for your conference!

Christine Keach said...

Take a step back and a deep breath! I hope tomorrow looks better!

Amanda Ashby said...

Okay, so I'm not jealous about all the exploding laptops and washing machines, but am very jealous that you're going to meet Jenny on the weekend. Hope the crazy stuff improves and have a great conference!