Friday, May 19, 2006

What a week

I survived it and even finished, what? Four articles? Five? I dunno, lost count. The one that was due today I didn't even get the interview for until like one or something. Add in four trips back and fourth to the rink, two trips to the bank, the dd's boy trauma and a cranky husband and you have a mess. More like panic attacks all over the place.

Breath, Teri, breath.

But I am having fun counting up my invoices every time I send in another one. More work during the weekend, but hopefully all fiction. Crits for my Cp's and finishing up chapter nine on LIPS. Oh, and the prom is on Sunday so I will probably be running hither and thither for the kids. I hope they have a good time.

Only four more articles this month. June looks pretty sparse, but that is okay, after this month I'll need it. I'm thinking a picnic at the lake is in order. I dearly love a good picnic.

Now I am actually cleaning my poor neglected house. (One of the reasons the dh has been so cranky. That and he has been working for ten days.) Ugh.

Okay, going to go dust and make my last trip to the rink. Of course, I have to do it again in the morning.