Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Or things I managed to get done yesterday:

Get sources for toy IQ article
Send out questions for IQ article
Get interviews from Nick and a hockey coach
Send out soy questions
Make out new member packet
Write out application for FS club
Pick up Megs prom dress
Make appointment for dog’s hair cut (not only made the appointment, but got her hair cut!)

Okay, so I kicked some serious booty. Gonna have to keep that up all week if I am going to get out of here on time.

Am too excited! This will be my first RWA conference and I get to meet my agent. Am having much trouble finding clothes that will be appropriate and look good. There is a pair of pants I want to get at Chicos... so chic and so comfy. Must have them. Must remember to wrestle credit card from DH.

Must go write or some such thing.


Shannon McKelden said...

No wonder you were so silent yesterday! You did kick some serious booty. Crossing fingers that you keep it up allll week...but aren't to exhausted at the end to enjoy the conference, of course. ;-)


SavvyChick said...

Be sure to give Jenny my best. Have a great time and TAKE COMFY SHOES!!


Rachel Vincent said...

Congrats on getting so much done!

Anonymous said...

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