Monday, May 15, 2006

Mondays To do

A couple of items are from last week. Didn't get everything done. Sigh.

Get coach interview for Hockey Hopefuls
Write Hockey Hopefuls and submit
Write up questions for prolapsed uterus, cervix, parents in control, and asthma pregnancy.
Get Anecdotal Sources for Prolapsed Uterus. (If this happened to you, please get in touch with me)
Get anecdotal Sources for Cervix Article (Ever had cervical cancer? I wanna talk to you!)
Get Experts for Parents in Control
Get Experts for Asthma during Pregnancy
Get Sources for Parents in Control
Get Anecdotal Sources for Asthma Pregnancy
Find Source for Celebrity Depends article
Finish rewriting Chapter eight and nine in LIPS
Contact new CP
Crit last to chapter for BBH
Write up some queries and send out.
Write and submit prolapsed uterus
Write and submit all about the cervix

What's on your to do list this week?


Rachel Vincent said...

Revisions! I got my revisions! And there are no cuts! How awesome is that? There's lots (LOTS) of stuff to work on, but it's all stuff to add/clarify. Nothing to cut. That's what I'll be working on until June 1st, when they're due. Then I'll finish my WIP.

Am I going to work in Daytona? You bet your butt!

Trish Milburn said...

Wow, what a to-do list. Good luck with it all.

This week, I need to get back to writing on my YA project. I want to be half done by the end of the month.