Sunday, May 28, 2006

Thinking about new books

I am thinking about my next book. I'm thinking about doing a short cat book. I know I have waxed on about this before, but I really like the idea of trying to pack a big love story in a little book. But now I have a concept. And it's not really that bad. It really might work. Unfortunately, I don't know how unique it is. And that's frustrating.

HA! Everything about the business is frustrating.

I think I am going to take a little time for myself today and plot out my new book. I really, really want an alphasmart so I can write when I am out and about. I need a coffee and some silence.


Zinnia said...

I want one of those too!

Dawn said...

I got mine on ebay -- totally totally totally worth it! Even though it arrived broken and I had to buy a new keyboard and so it wasn't quite as cheap as I hoped it would be, totally worth it!!!!

Anonymous said...

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