Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Oh good grief

Doing pretty damn good on the old listy. I interviewed the hockey coach, found a bunch of experts, worked on LIPS and over all kicked some serious writing booty.

Am meeting with a writing friend this morning to talk about writing and writing related topics. So excited. So fun. Would love to get together with a small group of woemn for goal keeping or perhaps plotting sessions. I rarely make it to the chapter meetings cause they are on Saturdays. My Saturdays include running the children around most of the day. Anyway, I have a friend who has a group like that and it sounds like fun. I could use some fun.

More later.

The More Later Part

Loved going out to coffee with writer friend. Loved getting out of the house. Hate having to drive to the rink this afternoon and hate having to go to another bloody board meeting. Am PMSing and hate just about everything about the rink right now.

But I am not whining! No Sirree!