Tuesday, December 13, 2005

And All is Well

Sigh of relief here. They lurved the prologue. Thought it was smashing. They are sending out the manuscript today. Will send me list of editors when they are done.

So excited.

Now rationally I know it may be weeks or even months. The other part of me (the part that was in hiding yesterday) believes editors are going to be fighting for it. It is a series after all, and for all they know I may be the next Meg Cabot. Which I have every intention of becoming, so hey. Am plotting my next career move as we speak. I have many good ideas and am working on my next proposal. Of course, it all depends on this first series selling.

I fell asleep thinking about my next series. Trying to plot it. Figure out how the series is going to be connected. I am thinking it should all be connected by the neighborhood. An odd little neighborhood shaped like a wagon wheel, though from the air it is more like a star. Not sure though. It's a paranormalseries and all Time travel...that much I do know.

I have the first book plotted and I am working on it, though I am going to have to change it from first person to third. One of my Cp's likes it in first, but I am having a horrible time with the tenses, so I'm takin the easy way and going back to third.

So send a little prayer out with my manuscripts. What a wonderful Christmas present that would be, eh?


Anonymous said...

Oh that's great, Teri!!!!! :)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and I'm sending you and your manuscripts good vibes. Hopefully you'll hear some wonderful news soon!

Rachel Vincent said...

Awesome, Teri!

Good luck!