Thursday, December 01, 2005

big things?

Might be afoot.

We'll see. But I have a much shorter wait time. Suffice it to say tht some big named unamed agent wanted an exclusive full. When I replied that I couldn't give that to her she said fine, just let me know if someone offers representation so I can have a chance and by the way I will let you know by the end of next week.

So if it's a yes. (And Lord, I hope it's a yes) Then I will have to make a hard decision on who I want and let the others know. Of course if she says no, I will cry a bit and go on waiting. But the adreneline was worth it.

Oh, I took off my shirt last night and tweaked my shoulder. How tweaked? Enough to take me to urgent care for painkillers. They have no idea how it happened. Probably pinched a nerve. Welcome to the forties.



Elisabeth Naughton said...


That's fabulous news! Crossing everything you hear even better news next week!!!

Christine Keach said...

Awesome news! That alone has got to make you feel good, even if she declines next week. At least you'll know quickly. I'll join Elisabeth and keep my fingers crossed for you!

Christine Keach said...

Oh yeah, sorry to hear about the shoulder. Sounds horribly painful. I thought I was having a bad night when my knee gave out on the way to the gym. No drugs needed, though! Hope you feel better soon!

Rachel Vincent said...

I'm sorry about your shoulder, but thrilled for you about the new request.

When she said, "by the end of the week," did she mean Saturday, as in tomorrow? Or the end of NEXT week?

I hope it works out, and I'll check back for details!

Kristen Painter said...

Best wishes on that request and feel better!

Anonymous said...

(((Teri))) on the shoulder but woo hoo on the request!!!