Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Talk about productive!

Nerves must make me produce, because I wrote an article, sent out a bunch of emails for my next three articles, critiqued three chapters for one of my Cp's and typed up the Christmas letter.

I should get some kind of award!

I also managed to straighten up the house once, though that is kind of moot now. Of course, you don't see me writing that I worked on Colorless today! Now I have a bunch of running around to do.

I also got a partial list of who they sent a copy of the book out too, but I don't think I will share that now. I will just wait till I get an offer:)

Wish I were more interesting and witty...mind is just too full of other things!


Elisabeth Naughton said...

That is productive!

Can't wait to hear your good "I just sold!" news!

(And wow, things are happening fast for you!)

ldupie said...

That's more than I've done in days :)Congrats!

Jill Monroe said...

I'm with Elizabeth on hearing that news.

Man, I need to straighten up the house!

Rachel Vincent said...

Yea! And now the waiting begins. Again. Feels like it never ends, huh?

I hope you hear something really, really soon!

Anonymous said...

I'm with everyone else, Teri :)