Saturday, December 17, 2005


I spent all day Thursday working on my WIP and switching it from third to first. Now I am not so sure it's what I want. I wanted first person past, but my tenses were all over the place and I thought maybe I should just go back to what I know. But... I am not sure. Should I ask my agent and her assistant to read a couple of pages of each and see what they think? After all, this will no doubt be the next thing they rep for me after my series sells. I am so uncertain here.

I really felt her voice strongly when I was finishing up with On the Edge. Then she got shy on me. No, I mean really... her shyness became a part of the book. I even wrote a synopsis for her a couple of months ago and the girl wasn't shy then! But... I really don't plan on having another POV in the story. So maybe I should just go with first person.
I wish I had a clear path with this one.

May have to hit up additional friends with this one.


Rachel Vincent said...

Wait, I'm confused. Is this story with tense problems in the skating series? If so, you should probably go with whatever POV you used in the first one.

If not, well, I don't have an answer for that.

I'm having a similar problem with what I'm working on now, though. I added something new to my sequel, and now I don't know if I should leave in it or take it out.

I know one thing, though. After reading what Zack (Zack Company Inc.) had to say on his blog on Friday (Dec. 16th), I won't be sending ANYTHING to my agent until it's ready to go out. Or at least until I've gotten it as close as I can on my own.

TJBrown said...

Nope this is another one. I am not writing anymore in the series till the series is bought.