Saturday, December 03, 2005

Have to Chuckle

About how many agents are reading ON THE EDGE this weekend.

I couldn't get anything but the occasional R for the last three months and now I have people wanting fulls left and right. Talk about psychology. One agent wants it and the book suddenly becomes more valuable in the eyes of the others. Think of the gulls on Finding Nemo. Me. me. me. me. me.

Of course, I have only had one offer and I am pretty pleased with her. We'll see.

Must dash.


Anonymous said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you, Teri!!! I'm sooo looking forward to doing a happy dance for you soon :)

Rachel Vincent said...

Me too. Fingers crossed. Heck, even my eyes are crossed, so forgive any tyops. ;-)

TJBrown said...

LOL Rachel. Thanks all. Like I said, I do have a darn fine agent wanting me right now, so if no one else wants me I still win!

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